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Conscious Reflection on The Broader Impacts of the Choices of Products, Services, and Activities has on Life

02-04-2021 11:45:12 Comment(s) By John Canan

Our Ongoing Reflection, Research, Discussions, Discernments, and Investigations Towards our Shared Future Where Our Imaginations are Large Enough that People are Living and Working in Tandem With Life—Inclusive, Equitable, Sustainable, and Regenerative.

What are the indicators of living attuned to life?

  • Green, Sustainable and Eco-Friendly, 
  • Ethical, Fair Trade, 
  • Clean, Organic, Non-Toxic, 
  • and Consciously considering how our choices affect future generations of life. 
  • This includes the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) including indigenous cultures and for its extension to all life forms Rights of Nature and ecosystems. 

What does life ask of us, of how we are to show up, how we face our challenges, and how do extend a hand to another?

Towards Our Shared Future That is Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

We are examining how the resources we use both personally and to conduct business, while still providing impact and value to our clients, and make a difference. 

I think of these articles as purposefully examining, learning, sharing, and improving our quest to walk our talk as stewards and living beings, a digital conversation that enables us to learn from others and share what we learn to create meaningful and lasting change in the human life exchange .

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