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Rewilding the Human Imagination ®
  • The Poetics of Morning: Fog, Light, Silence, and Birdsong

About Mountains and Rivers Media: The story of Mountains and Rivers Media is actually your story. 

Photography and video created around your organization is what we are about.

Mountains and Rivers Media provides media services, consulting, and mentoring/coaching to mission-driven, conservation, place-making, and grant-making organizations, agencies, municipalities, and partnerships. We tailor each and every project to exactly what you want to achieve. It’s your story, we want to help you tell it better than you ever have before. 

As you’ll quickly notice from the photos and videos on this site (as well as from our name), nature is an extremely important part of almost everything we do. Mountains and Rivers Media uses the presence of nature to foster a sense of awe for the remaining wild places in the eastern United States. We excite, invigorate, connect with, and reinforce the human imagination through impactful visual storytelling inspired by the vision and goals of our clients. 

We achieve this through our original works that focus on: 
  • Healthy and sustainable life supporting environmental stewardship
  • A culture of deep nature connection 
  • Increasing vitality and quality of life for us and our planet

Photographer John Canan founded the business in August 2015. The founding principle was on the notion that as humans, we can do better a job of being human - cohabitants of the Earth and photography and video are the precise tools to lead change. The company has grown over the years out of this primal concept. 
Sunrise photograph at Bear Rocks Preserve, WV

We are a specialized media company, providing comprehensive services to our mission-driven clients. 

Our team, a dynamic network of media specialists and subject matter experts, commits to delivering efficient and effective projects that truly resonate with audiences. We believe in the power of media to move hearts, change minds, and inspire action.

Our core services include professional photography and videography, creating visually impactful storytelling that not only serves our clients' visions but also emphasizes the importance of healthy and sustainable planetary stewardship. Through our lenses, we capture the raw beauty of our natural world, framing it in a context that speaks volumes about its inherent value and the urgent need for its preservation. We also provide professional mentoring and training in photography.

Our ultimate goal goes beyond just producing high-quality media content. We aspire to be catalysts for change, using our platforms to advocate for the natural spaces we hold dear. Join us as we journey through North America’s most breathtaking landscapes and work towards a future where these spaces are revered and protected. Welcome to Mountains and Rivers Media – where every image tells a story, and every story can make a difference.