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  • Photography and Video Services For Communities, Conservation, and Destinations

  • What is Rewilding the Human Imagination ®  and What Can it do for You?

Welcome to Mountains and Rivers Media – where every image we make for you tells a story, and every story can make a difference

We provide Photography and Video Services For Communities, Conservation, and Destinations

At Mountains and Rivers Media, it’s about more than creating pictures. It’s about authentic visual storytelling that inspires action and connection, and makes a difference by promoting positive personal, organizational, and environmental change. That’s what we mean by Rewilding the Human Imagination® , and it’s why partnering with us can mean more for you, your company, our communities, and our shared world. 

Are you ready to rewild your imagination and make a lasting impact? Join us in our mission today. Let's collaborate to bring your vision to life, contribute to the greater good of our planet, and tell a story that resonates deeply for other people. Your journey towards environmental stewardship starts here. Connect with us to explore our services and take the first step towards making a difference for your organization.

What is Rewilding the Human Imagination ® and What Can it do for You?

Rewilding the human imagination is more than a tagline, it’s our mission. And it’s your opportunity to achieve more impactful digital media solutions.

Hi. I’m John Canan, Founder and Owner. I started Mountains and Rivers Media back in 2015 to connect conservation and place-based organizations with photography and video solutions that are thoughtful, profound, immersive, and responsible. Rewilding the Human Imagination® is the mission and mantra for my boutique media arts business, based out of Brunswick, Maryland

I’d love the opportunity to discuss your needs and how Mountains and Rivers Media can help take your organization’s visual storytelling to the next level, while doing so on time and within budget.

"As the owner of Mountains and Rivers Media, I create and oversee the photography and video production we do for communities, conservation, and destinations."

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Photography and Video Specifically for Your Unique Needs


Economic Development, Main Street, or Partnerships —however you celebrate your place, we will help you tell your unique story through photography and video.


Photography for and about conservation.  Tell your story to shift public narratives or promote your work.


Whether you are an artist with a gallery or a destination marketing organization, our experience makes the difference.

Training, Consulting, and Support 

Many of my clients have 1-10 employees and are having to manage too many roles at once. I help make their organizations more efficient and creative by providing: 
  • Insights, education, and skills-building programs for staff or stakeholders who are doing photography for the organization/project. 
  • Training and support in managing current and future digital assets, saving the organization time and money and reducing risk.

Intentional Community Impact

Our work creates community impact and reciprocal benefits using a consistently applied multi-layered approach, including: 
  • Creating jobs to assist, enhance, and scale our services. 
  • Building the capacity of small agencies and not-for-profit organizations. 
  • Advocating for projects that strategically benefit the missions of our clients.
  • Choosing projects and partners that engage in restoration, protection, education, and advocacy for the natural world. 
  • Highlighting, showcasing, and promoting values that are both important and necessary for a sustainable and inclusive future for all beings. Things such as stewardship, gratitude, compassion, inclusion, fair trade, and transparency.

How we do it: 

Agile and Scalable 

I have a network of media specialists and subject matter experts around the aspects “places of concern” regarding human and nature interactions in North America. Accessing this network of contractors and consultants enables rapid engagement and support with ongoing or developing projects. It expands our capacity and reach while also lowering the cost of doing business as it relates to multi-site and mission critical projects.

Current and Past Clients: 

Give your work the difference that it needs. Connect With Me and I will personally work with your challenges and ideas.

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navigation is part science and part art, especially when the fog comes down

What our clients say

Mountains and River Media's clients express gratitude for our vision, authenticity, and the passion we bring to each phase of  their photography and video project.  We collaborate with you so that the images created not only align with your own vision but have the kind of impact your business needs in conveying its messages and stories.

Of course we value the opportunity to crawl through the bogs, kayak the rivers, or navigate the backcountry to help them create deeper and lasting impacts through images and visual storytelling.

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