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Photography and video services that make an impact  

Rooted in our deep respect for the natural world, we are a unique brand that intertwines professional expertise with a passion for community impact and for conservation. Our journey began with a simple yet profound vision – to 'Rewild the Human Imagination®'. Today, we stand as a testament to this ethos, differentiating ourselves through an unwavering commitment to our core values of empowerment, connection, and stewardship.

Our compelling narratives, crafted with precision and attention to detail, not only inform but inspire action towards environmental sustainability. Our services extend from captivating photography and videography to compelling visual storytelling, each designed with an environmentally-conscious lens. With every project, we aim to rejuvenate and deepen the bond between communities and the natural world.

But we don't stop at creating content; our mission is to amplify the impact of conservation and place-focused initiatives contributing to a larger global conversation about justice, inclusion, and environmental responsibility. Through our work, we aspire to create a world where everyone is part of a globally connected community committed to environmental sustainability.

Photography and Video Related Services:

​Editorial Photography and Video​

We deliver professional editorial photography and video that’s informative and engaging. From print and online publications to prestigious magazine and news outlets, we capture the essence of every story, adding stunning depth to narratives and bringing creative concepts to life.

Commercial Photography and Video

In a world where images speak louder than words, let Mountains and Rivers Media do the talking. Through our commercial photography and video services, we transform ordinary into extraordinary, capturing your products and services in ways that resonate with your audience and drive your business forward. We collaborate closely with you to understand your vision, goals, and aesthetic preferences and ensure that our services align with your budget and timeline. 

                                                                                                                Commercial Portfolio

Photography Mentoring​

Whether photography is a newly integrated aspect of your job or a long-standing passion, we can help you develop greater skills and achieve more consistent results, so you can create even more impactful photographs that leave a lasting impression. Let’s customize a program to meet your current and future needs. Choose whether we work together through in-person sessions, remote guidance, or self-paced videos—or a mix of them. Connect with us today to schedule a free discovery call and embark on your journey towards photographic excellence.

Digital Asset Management Training

If you’ve been saying “One day I’ll get my digital assets organized” then let’s make that day today. We can provide you or your organization with digital asset management training that will not only save precious time and headaches, but will enhance collaboration, streamline workflows, accelerate project timelines, and reduce the risk of data loss. Elevate efficiency, boost productivity. From chaos to control, we are here to guide you towards a streamlined digital future. Take charge of your digital assets with our training and experience the difference now instead of someday.

Photography and Videography 

Areas of Expertise


From economic development programs to grassroots initiatives—however you celebrate your place, we'll tell your unique story through photography and video.


Visual storytelling about nature, biodiversity, and environmental conservation.  Let's collaborate to shift public narratives or promote your work.


Whether you're an artist with a gallery or a destination marketing organization, our experience makes the difference.

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