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An Amazing Experience With The Prothonotary Warbler
I had an incredible experience with an amazing bird in the early one morning in May. Come with me and meet the Prothonotary warbler's and learn how its rhythmic, pleasant song mesmerized me that morning and drew me off the beaten path.
09-12-2023 15:15:21 - Comment(s)
Conservation Photography: This is my Why
I asked myself how can I use the tools at my disposal to inspire in others, an embodied commitment to stewardship? This resulted in a complete restructuring of my business and to focus on supporting conservation.
01-20-2021 14:44:00 - Comment(s)
Fishing in This Creek - It's What Keeps Me Going
Bucky, one of 201 residents in Aurora, West Virginia says that fishing keeps him going. It never matters if he catches anything or not it’s about the quality of time spent outdoors away from others in a peaceful and serene environment.
05-25-2020 16:25:40 - Comment(s)