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The Role of Visual Emotions in Visual Storytelling

In the vast landscape of communication, where words and images intertwine, emotions play a pivotal role. Visual storytelling transcends mere aesthetics; it has the power to evoke feelings, memories, and connections. As a content creator, you hold the brush that paints these emotional ca...

02-05-2024 13:03:11 - Comment(s)
Forest School Educators Learning Outdoor Survival Skills
A photo essay of forest school educators from Vermont, Massachusetts, and New York gathered in Cherry Valley, New York for outdoor skills instruction by Ricardo Sierra of Hawk Circle/Earth Mentoring Institute.
01-02-2024 15:54:17 - Comment(s)
An Amazing Experience With The Prothonotary Warbler
I had an incredible experience with an amazing bird in the early one morning in May. Come with me and meet the Prothonotary warbler's and learn how its rhythmic, pleasant song mesmerized me that morning and drew me off the beaten path.
09-12-2023 15:15:21 - Comment(s)
Milky Way Over Spruce Knob Lake

It was a hot day up on the mountain plateau. With a beautiful blue sky and puffy white cotton ball Cumulus clouds scattered above. The highest point in West Virginia. We ate some delicious apples that are left over by-products from worker camps during the timbering operations ...

07-23-2023 10:17:57 - Comment(s)
The Potomac Highlands
The Potomac Highlands -- The genius loci -- the spirit of place. The Potomac Highlands, in the central Appalachian Mountains, is where I entered this world, these are the lands that held me as I grew, fostered wonder and curiosity as I freely wandered throughout my youth.
09-21-2021 12:31:03 - Comment(s)